Powerful Visual Content That Gets You Results

Powerful Visual Content That Gets You

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Show off your unique experience

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"Our 'Chef Pedro' video not only got over 10,000 views but has touched thousands of people and it has motivated clients to become lifelong customers of Imiloa Institute."
Jake Sasseville
PresidenT, Imiloa Institute

Hi! I'm Robin,

I spent the last 5+ years filming life-changing retreats and travel experiences, helping brands tell their unique stories.

However, in all my travels I kept seeing the same issue over and over again.  These amazing boutique hotels, magical destinations and unique experiences, all struggled to tell their story. They failed to create engaging photo and video content to help their audience feel the experience of their unique property and offering online. I knew I had to help. That’s how WANDR Media was born!

Robin Lang - Video Marketing and Online Strategy



First we’ll establish your core goals for your project and develop a specific plan to achieve them. Then we’ll do a Deep Dive call where we can draw out your brands’ unique experience and story.

Photo & Video Creation

We will then align with your existing marketing to create cohesive photo and video assets that work for you 24/7 on multiple platforms as the digital version of your unique hotel experience.


Implementing your photo and video assets across all your relevant platforms is critical to the success of the project . We will guide you through this important process.


Tell Your Story With Video

Brand Story

Play Video

Day in the Life

Play Video

Short Promo

Play Video

Character Story

Play Video

Video Walk-Throughs

Allow Potential Guests to Take a peek inside your wonderful rooms
Play Video
Play Video
Play Video

"A picture is worth a thousand words"

photos that capture the essence of your unique experience

High Quality Photos...

are critical for online success and increasing bookings. When it comes to conveying your unique experience and offering to potential guests, the combination of both photo and video is highly recommended for explosive growth.

Our Clients Love Our Service!


Can potential guests see and feel your property’s unique experience online? 

A lack of clear messaging and high quality content may already be costing you bookings.


Inserting a short promo style video above the fold on your hotels’ website immediately gives viewers a sense of the style of your hotel and the experience you’re offering.


Embedding a promo video on the homepage of your website allows you the fastest way to communicate your hotels experience and all it has to offer to your potential guests.


A room tour allows your potential guests envision what their stay will be like while helping them select the right room for them. As well as showing the unique features each room has to offer.


Bootstraping hotels
2400 Starting at
  • Implementation Strategy
  • Photos Of Rooms
  • Hotel Promo Video
  • 2 Day Shoot
  • Video Tours Of Rooms
  • Brand Story Video Asset


For hotels ready to grow
4800 Starting at
  • Implementation Strategy
  • Photos Of Rooms
  • Hotel Promo Video
  • 2 Day Shoot
  • Video Tours Of Rooms
  • Brand Story Video Asset


Explode your online presence
7200 Starting at
  • Implementation Strategy
  • Photos Of Rooms
  • Hotel Promo Video
  • 3 Day Shoot
  • Video Tours Of Rooms
  • Brand Story Video Asset


Book a complimentary 30-minute call, where we will learn more about your current challenges to see if we are a good fit and then develop a powerful strategy for your brand.

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